In gemology the iridescence of many gemstones greatly enhances their value.

Gems are undoubtedly an unexpected act of nature. In the same way, our featured artists are so diverse and talented, that they have an unexpected appeal to a wide array of listeners. Moreover, we believe we have a gem of a company, one that is bright and lustrous, one that has established a service that is as valuable as the colours of the rainbow, one that caters to all types of music and musical connoisseurs alike.

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We’ll offer a cheery or soulful note.

In fact anything that can be wrote


Definition of Iridescent, and Iridescence.

  1. Producing a display of lustrous, rainbow-like colours.
  2. Brilliant, lustrous, or colourful in effect or appearance.

To bring colourful music for you to hear
We’ll not push forward with selfish ends
We’ll just follow where the road of destiny bends