The Unity Band - Let's Return To Love...
  1. Put A Little Love In Your Heart 
  2. Angel Girl 
  3. I Found A love
  4. The Good Life
  5. Consider Me
  6. Waiting In Vain 
  7. One Love / People Get Ready
  8. Give A Little Take A Little
  9. Redemption Song 
10. Stir It Up
11. Lion's In His Kingdom
12. Soul Trek
13. Three Little Birds
14. Is This Love
15. Reggae Fever
Penny Skolski, Jay Douglas, Elaine Kilpatrick, Johnny Wright, Debbie "doo" Carey - vocals
Pat Carey - soprano, alto & tenor saxophones
Michael Fonfara - piano & organ
Alec Fraser - bass guitar
Brian Gauci - acoustic & electric guitar
Peter Hodgson - bass guitar
Vito Rezza - drums & percussion

released 2000
catalogue # UB2-001

Executive Producers 
Debbie "doo" Carey
Pat Carey
Penny Skolski

Produced by Pat Carey and Michael Fonfara

The Unity album is an ensemble of Toronto "A" list musicians and top vocalists. 

Inspired by the deep rooted truth I heard in
Bob Marleys words- I found myself compelled to believe we could "return to that truth"

      respect - debbie (doo)


Debbie "Doo" Carey & friends