Livin' Blues Band - Got Me Crazy
  1. Nevada 
  2. All We Get 
  3. Got Me Crazy 
  4. Comin' Down 
  5. Enough For Everyone 
  6. Rock My World 
  7. Married Man 
  8. Past Midnight 
  9. Lost & Found Blues 
10. Can't Let Go 
11. Party On 
12. Say A Prayer 
13. Road Kill 

Produced by The Livin' Blues Band

Bill Speer  - piano, vocals
Larry Goodhand - guitar
Bill Lyons  - bass
Michael Fitzpatrick  - drums
Rocky Verweel  - trumpet
Simon Wallis - saxophone

released 2000

Livin' Blues Band - Drippin' With The Blues
  1. Something You Got
  2. Hurts Me Too
  3. Killin' Floor
  4. Honey Hush (Talkin' Woman Blues)
  5. Next Time You See Me
  6. Mean World Blues
  7. Slippin' And Slidin'
  8. Thrill Is Gone 
  9. It's My Soul
10. What Have I Done
11. Who's Been Talkin'
12. Rock This House 

Produced by
Dexter Clayton Beauregard 
& Larry Goodhand

Dexter Clayton Beauregard  - drums, vocals
Bill Speer  - piano & organ
Larry Goodhand - guitar
Bill Lyons  - bass
Rocky Verweel  - trumpet
Simon Wallis - saxophone

released 1997

  BILL SPEER (VOCALS & KEYBOARDS) Bill is a keyboard wizard with over 35 years experience on the Canadian and international music scene. He has worked with such luminaries as Lenny Breau, David Clayton Thomas, Bruce Cockburn, Ronnie Hawkins, Big Mama Thornton and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, as well as on the TV shows of Glen Campbell, Anne Murray, Seals and Crofts and many others.

LARRY GOODHAND (GUITAR) Larry has been on the blues scene for well over 30 years now. He’s worked with many of the major Canadian blues acts and many on the international level such as: three years with harmonica giant, Carey Bell, touring with former Muddy Waters harpman, George “Mojo” Buford, and recently a six month tour with Sonny Rhodes. He’s also had stints with such notables as the legendary Willie Dixon, Jimmy Witherspoon, Big Joe Turner, Sunnyland Slim, Byther Smith and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith.

MIKE FITZPATRICK (DRUMS) Mike has been around for close to 30 years now and is one of the most “in demand” players in Canada today. Recently having taken over the drum chair in the Downchild Blues Band, Mike has also done work with Hubert Sumlin, “Steady Rollin’” Bob Margolin, Guitar Shorty, Sonny Rhodes, Big Joe Turner and has recorded with the late B.B. Odom and more recently with Snooky Pryor.

BILL LYONS (BASS) Bill is also a veteran of the Toronto music scene with over 30 tears under his belt. A well-rounded and seasoned musician Bill has credits in many musical idioms. He’s played with many Toronto bands including Whiskey Howl, who many feel was the finest blues band ever to come out of Canada. He’s also had stints with Willie “Big Eyes” Smith and Byther Smith.

Review of "Got Me Crazy" by Cookie Holley
The Livin' Blues Band are: Bill Speer on piano and vocals, Larry Goodhand on guitar, Bill Lyons on bass and Michael Fitzpatrick on drums. Special Guests: The Buzz on horns, Simon Wallis on saxes Rocky Verweel on trumpet, The Phlecmtones on background vocals. This is another good band out of Canada! 

I feel like a kid with their hand in the cookie jar. ; ) This CD starts out with a funky James Brown kind of sound, mean piano, guitar, nice horn section, up beat but mellow. The lyrics are light and very today. Good music to dance to, even rhythms, flowing energy without being nerve-racking.  A nice mix of funk, Jazz and Blues, with a tinge of Rock-Blues guitar. Interesting enough to make me listen and sort out each instrument. I like the later songs best because they seem to resonate and drip with the Blues sound like honey falling from a baklava as I bite into it. Very sweet, very tasty, just enough flake in the crust to hold it together. 

My picks are:

Track #8 "Past Midnight" -- A smooth easy guitar based song, great mellow drums, medium fast beat, just an edge of Jazz in the vocals. 

Track #9 "Lost and Found Blues" -- Nice & slow... totally Blues! Horns and piano really set this song off good, the guitar solo is expressively soulful but doesn't jump out and steal the show. Great piano riffs taking up any slack, the vocals are like satin. I think this is my favorite from the CD. 

Track #10 "Can't let go" -- This song really gets down, up tempo, good electric guitar solo, horns, funky piano, travelin' music. Makes you want to move. Same kind of feel as hwy 49 by Howlin' Wolf, but with a Texas swing. 
This is the kind of CD you can set it on auto and just kick back, doesn't matter where it hits, all the songs are good. It won't drive you crazy if it replays a few times.

It's the kind of music you like to have in your collection. Enough energy to move you, but mellow enough to lean back with your eyes closed and just coast. 

Very nice cover art too. : )

Review of "Got Me Crazy" by 
Vicente 'Harmonica' Zumel (La Hora Del Blues Radio)

A powerful Canadian band, with joyfully hot music.

Drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, trumpet and sax gives such an agressive performance that it could bring back a dead man to life!

The band knows how to play all different blues styles, but where they really feel easy is when they attack hard-drivin'blues and grooves, where they develop a big punching strong sound.

This band is highly recommended to fans of pure orthodox rock and blues.