We at The IRIDESCENT MUSIC Company Incorporated, have been asked many times what iridescent means and why did we use it as our company name, so here goes:

Definition of Iridescent, and Iridescence.
1. Producing a display of lustrous, rainbow-like colours.
2. Brilliant, lustrous, or colourful in effect or appearance.

In gemology the iridescence of many gemstones greatly enhances their value.  Gems are undoubtedly an unexpected act of nature.  In the same way, our featured artists are so diverse and talented, that they have an unexpected appeal to a wide array of listeners.  Moreover, we believe we have a gem of a company, one that is bright and lustrous, one that has established a service that is as valuable as the colours of the rainbow, one that caters to all types of music and musical connoisseurs alike.  The contributors of The Iridescent Music Company Incorporated encourage you to enjoy our website and featured artists in the same way you would a beautiful gem or an unexpected rainbow.

The company owners wish to thank all the people who work with us to maintain our reputation as a company dedicated to the “The Performance of Excellence” as we salute each a lustrous gem showing their individuality and brilliance.

Our mission statement is simple and clear 
Unlike others that you may rush to hear 
Our company will run without vanity and greed 
These are the things our company doesn't need 
We'll gather together friends new and old 
And allow them all to be musically bold 
We'll add some musical colour to your day 
No matter whether at work or play 
We'll offer a cheery or soulful note 
In fact anything that can be wrote 
Our statement goal is bright and clear 
To bring colourful music for you to hear 
We'll not push forward with selfish ends 
We'll just follow where the road of destiny bends 

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