Danny Brooks - Righteous 
- Live At The Southside Shuffle
  1. Nothing Like The Name Of The Lord
  2. Jesus Satisfies
  3. Power In The Blood/Leaning on The Everlasting Arms
  4. He’s All I Need 
  5. I John Saw The Holy Number
  6. I Know Jesus
  7. Hold Your Head Up
  8. Waiting For Your Ship To Come In
  9. Jesus Changed Me 
10. Mother’s Advice
11. Aint That Good News
12. Oh Happy Day
13. Goin’ Away And Leave You

Produced by Doug Romanow

Danny Brooks - vocals, acoustic guitar
Dennis Pinhorn - bass
Terry Blersh - guitar
Vic D'Arsie - organ
Michael Fonfara - piano
Bucky Berger - drums
Pat Carey, Colleen Allen - sax
Ken Whitely - lap steel & soul shouts
Amoi Levy, Ciceal Levy - backing vocals

released 2001
catalogue # HHR CD-001

Danny Brooks - It's A Southern Thing
  1. Southern Thing 
  2. Show Up And Sing
  3. Georgia Bound
  4. Candito
  5. Brother Bill
  6. More Than This
  7. Just A Little Faith
  8. Prisoners Of Hope
  9. The Way It Goes
10. Wheels Keep Spinning
11. Never Get Over You
12. Shutting Me Down
13. Only Love Can Satisfy

Produced by Dave Gray, Michael Fonfara, Danny Brooks and Peter Lee

Danny Brooks - vocals, acoustic guitar
Dennis Pinhorn - bass
John Tilden, Tim Bovaconti - guitar
Vic D'Arsie, Peter Nunn - piano
Greg Anzelc, Al Cross, Jim Casson - drums
Memo Acevedo - percussion
Oliver Schroer - violin
Johanna Vanderclay, Liz Tilden, Dutch Robinson, Michelle Francis, Sharon Lee Williams - backing vocals

released 1998
catalogue # SJCD 1001

 Danny Brooks is a consummate professional who truly believes the least he can do for his audience is to give his best. And it shows! For the past five years, everywhere Brooks has performed, he has been asked back, due to his attitude of "give 'em everything you got and then some".

Danny Brooks' active song writing and performing career has spanned almost three decades and has taken him across Canada and into the United States, where Danny has shared the stage with such luminaries as Brownie McGee (who once told Danny "Son fo a white boy, you sho' 'nuf got a tan on the inside), David Wilcox, The Beach Boys, Rik Emmett, Weepin' Willie and others. A recent trip to Atlanta Georgia (Eddies Attic) garnered Danny first runner up in a competition of 22 U.S. songwriters. Brooks was the only Canadian asked to participate. Jim Dickinson, Legendary Memphis Producer, says "Danny's voice tells you he's been through the pain of experience and the promise of hope. North American folk sounds that go beyond fashion or trend. Part of a tradition as old as the New World Frontier. He tears away at the text of today's world with the vision of the true believer I know him to be. His songs say it all. 

Brooks' previous three CD's have received excellent reviews. Al Handa, The Delta Snake, has reviewed two of Danny Brooks' CDs to much acclaim, those being It's a Southern Thing, his previous release on Southern Jule Records, and Rough, Raw and Simple, Duke Street Records, released in 1993. Danny's 1990 release, "After the Storm", netted him a Canadian Juno Nomination for "Most Promising Male Vocalist". It's a Southern Thing has also received stellar reviews from RPM, Real Blues, Cub Koda, Blues Editor, All-Music Guide and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's web page.

Danny's fourth cd Righteous ~ Live at the Southside Shuffle is sure to be a hit with ALL audiences, just as the live show has proven to be. Already festivals and talent bookers have been in contact regarding booking Danny Brooks and His Rockin' Revelators. On November 21st. Jim Leek of CJMR 1320 Radio kicked things off with a one hour interview, while showcasing various cuts off Danny's new cd. Righteous will keep you tappin' your feet and will touch your soul in a beautiful way. This is Danny Brooks' crowning achievement to date. Listen and hear for yourself!

Danny Brooks

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