Charlene Zehr - Trip
  1. Blew The House Down 
  2. Say No More 
  3. Come To Mama 
  4. Patchouli 
  5. Walk Through The Fire 
  6. Fall For Anything 
  7. All Jazzed Up 
  8. Easier Sung Than Said 
  9. Miss Used 
10. What's So Bad... 
11. Blue Blue Bedoop 
12. Without You 
13. Airborne 

Produced by David Rashed

Charlene "Chuckee" Zehr - vocals, piano, keyboards, percussion
David Rashed - bass, electric guitar
Chick Schumilas - drums
Barry "Snake" Klein - electric guitar
Rob Juneau - electric guitar
Dan Lichti, Jim Atwell, Darolyn Zehr, Tracy Ruthig Smith, Brenda Wagler - backing vocals

released 2002
catalogue # CZ2002CD

Charlene Zehr - Great Big Bite
  1. Great Big Bite 
  2. Real Love 
  3. Send Your Message 
  4. Photograph 
  5. Don't Leave Him Behind 
  6. I'm On Fire 
  7. One 
  8. Lost Again 
  9. Try (4 U) 
10. You Took It All 

Produced by David Rashed

Charlene Zehr - vocals, piano, keyboards, tambourine, bass
David Rashed - bass, guitars drum/percussion programming, backing vocals
Don Baker - drums/percussion programming, keyboards
Dee JC & Chuckee Zee - guest vocals

released 1998
catalogue # CZ98001-2

Charlene has just released her second CD of original songs. It shows the deverse styles that have influenced her on her musical "Trip."  She is a classically trained pianist through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Although she still loves to sit down and play Beethoven and Mozart, she feels more compelled to write and play her own compositions. Charlene learned about the recording industry at Fanshawe College in London, studying production and engineering. She then became "really" educated playing in various bands ranging from rock, country, classic rock, gospel, etc. Touring across Canada playing bars, concerts and recording studios.

In 1998, she recorded her first CD of 10 original songs "Great Big Bite" which won "Contemporary Album of the Year" in 1999 for the Canadian Gospel Music Association. "I'm on Fire" was nominated rock song of the year, and she was personally nominated for instrumentalist of the year. Another song from this album, "Real Love", had won song of the year in 1997 and "You Took It All" was a finalist for in the American Gospel Association song of the year in 1997. Six songs have received airplay. Charlene worked on the project with David Rashed, member of the Canadian rock group, Haywire. Between the two of them, they covered all vocals, instruments and arrangements.  On her second CD "Trip", Charlene would again rely on David's production expertise. The vocal stylings range from the blues, to jazz, to R&B, to rock, to 70's angst and a ballad. This collection of 13 original songs reflects the influential artists in Charlene's life Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitgerald, Diana Krall to name a few.  The songs had their beginnings in Florida and B.C. and their final mix in P.E.I so when the title "Trip" was suggested for the CD it wasn't difficult to agree. It really was a "Trip" and it's not over yet!

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