Arlene Meadows & David Walden - 
A Night At The Grand
  1. We'd Like To Sing
  2. Class
  3. My Singing Career
  4. Cooked On Classics
  5. The Student Recital
  6. Florence Foster Jenkins
  7. Howard Coward 
  8. Brunnehildegardkeit Klutz
  9. Twelve Days Of Christmas
10. Carousel Of Love
11. Donnez - Moi
12. Listen To The Child

performed by
David Walden & Arlene Meadows
Howard Baer - piano

released 2002
catalogue # DWCD2003

David Walden - 
How To Stay Awake During 
Anybody's Second Movement
  1. Introduction
  2. How Often Have You Been Caught...?? 
  3. Basic Hardcore Facts Re Music
  4. Periodic Dozing
  5. Concert Performers
  6. Brahms And Gas
  7. Eye Catchers
  8. The Clap
  9. Critics
10. Phasion And The Phil
11. Ya Gotta Love 'Em
12. Tips
13. Letters In response To The First Edition
14. Epilogue

Read by
David Walden & Arlene Meadows

released 2002
catalogue # DWCD2002

 David Walden was born in a blackout at St. Micheal's Hosptial, Toronto, and has been searching for light ever since.  In the process, he's been a composer, author, pianist, organinst, teacher, professer, singer, comedian but never a chartered accountant.  He's earned three degrees, been given the third degree and is currently Professer of Music at Ryerson Universtiy's Theatre School.

He was the original Old Deuteronomy in the the Candian production of "CATS" and the last M. Thenardier in the Royal Alex production of "Les Miserables"  From C.O.C.'s "Merry Widow" to a plethora of Toronto Operetta Theatre productions, he has shared the stage with Canada's greatest singing stars as well as one Viatnamese pot-bellied pig!  As a composer and author he has a staggering list of educational texts and songs, humourous books on music and sacred choral works.  With Greg Finnegan he's written the score for several stage shows including the popular "The Case Of The Curious Cabaret".  Film and television credtis include a wide range from a David Cronenberg film to CBC's "Mr. Dressup" as the loveable "Dr. Mi-Re-Do", as well as five years on VISION-TV's "Skylight"