Some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Who are we?

The Iridescent Music Company Incorporated was formed by a diverse group of Canadian musicians, composers, writers and business personnel who are dedicated to supporting Canadian music and especially the great, unknown, unsupported artists and ensembles.

What do we do?

Our mission is two-fold.  Firstly, we offer artists and ensembles an online forum where they can sell their music, promote upcoming events / concerts and feature their own personalized web page.  Secondly, we also produce a number of CD's annually for outstanding artists and ensembles who join our online community.

Why are we different?

Our unique online community is a home for all artists.  We believe, as the name of our corporation suggests, in embracing a diverse array of musical genres from blues bands to string quartets to choirs.  In this way, the musical tastes of those who visit our site are as rich in diversity as the music on it.