K.T.I. - Back To Bed
  1. Driving Down Roads
  2. Kiss Me
  3. Black and Blue
  4. Soul Salvation
  5. Urban Son
  6. Never Thought I'd Ever Know
  7. All Over Again 
  8. Nancy Drew
  9. Gracie
10. Ferly
11. Mother Earth

Produced by 
John McKinney and Katalin Kiss

Katalin Kiss - vocals, percussion, guitar, keyboards
John McKinney -  bass, guitars, keyboards, percussion programming
Jim Casson - drums
Howie Southwood - drums
Chris (Hammer) Dahmer - Hammond B3, piano
Gabe Lee - guitar, knife-elcaster
Iain MacNally - guitar
Bob Robb - mandolin

released 1998

Kiss The Irish (K.T.I.) - Bob's Your Uncle
  1. Lean On Me
  2. The World
  3. Stone Beaches
  4. I Need To Feel 
  5. Same Old Reason
  6. You Are All Things
  7. Keep Me Hangin'
  8. If I Could
  9. Sometime
10. Say The Words
11. Becalmed
12. Some Dreams

Produced by 
Ken Shultz, John McKinney and Paul Fenton

Katalin Kiss - vocals, acoustic guitar
John McKinney -  bass, acoustic guitar
Jim Boudreau - drums
Chris Dahmer - Hammond B3, piano, accordian
Iain MacNally - electric guitar
John Lewis - electric guitar
Bryan Weeks - spoons
Bruce Gibb - acoustic guitar

released 1995

Katalin Kiss 
 with McKinney's Cotton Pickers
- Live In Elora
  1. Benny
  2. Sunny Side
  3. Shiny Stockings
  4. I've Heard This Song Before
  5. This Masquerade
  6. Unforgettable
  7. Day In Day Out
  8. When I Fall In Love
  9. Bye Bye Blackbird
10. Crazy
11. Vera Lynne Medley
12. Birth Of The Blues
13. Well Alright, Okay, You Win 

Produced by 
Living Room Music 
with Leyanders Live and Ken Schultz

Katalin Kiss - vocals
Gwen Swick, Wendy Davis - backing vocals
Ray Podhornik, Shawn Moody, Bruce Cowle, Don Finlay - trumpets
Chris Mitchell, Peter Pereira, David Rodenberg, Jeff King, Tom Skurlicks - saxes
Ron Schirm, Gordie Delamont, Larry Sheilds, Paul (Scoob) Fenlon - trombones
John McKinney -  bass
Jim Boudreau - drums
Chris Dahmer - piano
Fred Smith - guitar
Bob Robb - mandolin

released 1997

K.T.I. has been described as alt/folk. It is actually neither. One thing you are assured of is good music that means a lot to us. K.T.I. is a work in progress. It is the vehicle that provides us with an outlet for inspiration. Our sessions always involve excellent musicians (in keeping with our weakest link theory) and state of the art technical stuff.  Our music reflects our diverse tastes and is extremely hard to pigeon-hole, but so shouldn't anything original?

McKinney's Cotton Pickers' first album features Katalin Kiss, centre stage, doing what only she can do, Live in Elora. This band consists of the cream of Canada's jazz crop. That's why we've never rehearsed. All tunes were arranged by Toronto's own Eddie Graff.

Katalin Kiss