The Johnny Max Band -
Ride And Roll
  1. Please Don't Go
  2. Brown's Line
  3. Ride & Roll
  4. Angel of Mercy
  5. Watcha Gonna Do
  6. Walkin' in Jerusalem
  7. Long Gone Train
  8. I Heard a Rumour
  9. Mad at Me
10. Shake 'Em On Down
11. Mimico Bus
12. Junko Partner
13. I Like Women

Produced by Alec Fraser

Johnny Max - vocals
Kevin Higgins - guitars
Duncan McBain - drums
Uli Bohnet - bass
Martin Aucoin - keyboards
with guests -
Alec Fraser- backing vocals

released 2005
catalogue # JMB0022

The Johnny Max Band -
In The Doghouse...Again!
  1. In The Doghouse...Again 
  2. Sick & Tired
  3. Black Nights
  4. Rockin' Daddy
  5. C.C. Rider / My Creole Belle
  6. 3 Ex-wives 
  7. Working Man Blues (Louisiana Blues)
  8. Poor 
  9. City Boy 
10. Baby, Baby, Baby
11. Carolina Shine
12. Highway 49

Produced by The Johnny Max Band

Johnny Max - vocals
Kevin Higgins - guitars
Bob Vespaziani - drums
Bill Keeley - bass
with guests -
Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne - piano
Michael Fonfara - keyboards
Danny Brooks - backing vocals

released 2002
catalogue # JMB0021

The Johnny Max Band -
Long Gone Train
  1. Do The Do
  2. Jelly Roll / John The Revelator
  3. Long Gone Daddy
  4. Grandma's Hands
  5. T-Bone Shuffle
  6. Get Yourself Another Fool
  7. Lookin' Back
  8. Use Me
  9. Third Degree 
10. Confessin' The Blues

Produced by Kevin Higgins, Bill Keeley
& Johnny Max

Johnny Max - vocals
Kevin Higgins - guitars
Bill Keeley - bass
Eddie Dailide - drums
with guests -
Jared Higgins & Connor McAneney - handclaps

released 2000

You are guaranteed a good time with The Johnny Max Band. A Rockin’ Boogie band that has been a fixture of the Toronto Blues and R&B scene for almost 10 years. The Johnny Max Band have now completed their third CD, "Ride&Roll".

With their mixture of traditional Chicago style Blues…a bit of old fashioned country…and, as always, a dopple of R'n'B…,they are a crowd pleasing, get yer feet movin', get up outta yer chair kind of band, no matter what or where they are playing. Thus making them "The Hardest Working Band in the GTA"

Now working on their fourth CD and playing many festivals in and around Ontario, come out and see why they have shared the stage with the likes of Downchild, Morgan Davis, Mel Brown, Jack DeKeyzer, Fathead, Jeff Healey and David Rotundo....and the list grows.

Johnny Max is a soulful singer whose respect, and passion for all types of music is evident. He is also a brilliant entertainer who has audiences thoroughly enjoying each show.  Johnny Max has built up a solid reputation as one of those guys who gives 110% and is one of the most action-packed and satisfying entertainers around. Johnny takes to performing like a fish to water, a perpetual motion machine, galvanizing his spicy blend of Stax/Volt, Atlantic, Funk, and Blues into frenzied heights, often propelling himself into the audience's eager arms.

"A guitar player's guitar player" for over 25 years, Kevin "Hurricane" Higgins plays his Telecaster straight from the hip. With blistering leads and soulful solos, there is nothin' finer north of the 49er, he carries this band on his back.

Kevin has performed and recorded with Morgan Davis, David Wilcox, Danny Brooks, Rita Chiarelli, and Chicago legends Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Snooky Pryor, Little Mack Simmons and A.C. Reed among others.  A guitarist of astonishing abilities, Kevin understands the "less is more" approach to playing .

Duncan McBain started off playing with the Good Bros. and Canadian Zephyr. He then formed a band with Garth Bourne from Canadian Zephyr. In 1984 Dunc was introduced to Morgan Davis by a mutual friend. His straight ahead style and impeccable timing grew into two years of playing with Morgan, which led to playing with Michael Pickett, Dutch Mason, Hock Walsh, and various members of the Downchild Blues Band.  While playing in the late 80s with The Headhunters, Dunc met Tom Barlow and played with Tom for the next 14 years. Dunc is currently the drummer for Stratochief, The Johnny Max Band, The Grant Lyle Band, and The Vaughn Passmore Trio.  Duncan's claim to fame (and he’ll make sure to tell you) is that the McBean tartan flag on the moon was delivered by Allan Bean from the Apollo 12 mission.

He is known by one name, Uli, and everyone knows who you’re talking about. Uli Bohnet's abilities as a top end bass player, is the main reason that he has been a mainstay on the Toronto Blues / Roots scene for many years.  His tasteful and solid bass playing has caused him to be hired by great artists such as Paul Reddick + The Sidemen, Eugene Smith, Danny Marks, Chuck Jackson, Danny B, Barbara Lynch, Uncle Shecky, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Joe Mavety, Krista Blondin, The Dues Brothers, Virgil Scott, George Gao, Little Mack Simmons, Jay Douglas, and countless others.

"Man, he can, outright, play" is what you hear about Martin Aucoin. He doesn’t just play, He lets you hear what he’s saying. Martin has played keyboards in numerous country and R&B bands around Toronto, including Morgan Davis, and Jack DeKeyzer, before moving to Nashville in 1990.  He then toured with BJ Thomas for a year and a half. He also played on recording sessions for George Strait, Garth Brooks, Confederate Railroad, and John Michael Montgomery. He has played live with Larry Carlton, Tony Joe White, Bo Diddley, Ricky Van Shelton, Alan Jackson, Alex Harvey, the Drifters, Mark O'Connor, as well as having a 4 year gig at the Grand Ole Opry with Jimmy C. Newman, the great Cajun singer.

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