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What is your name? Jeffrey Woolhouse
How did you locate our site? You sent a CD to a Public Radio Station in Melbourne  (Australia)  Which I played on my program.
Your comments and / or questions: Pat Carey and The Jazz Navigators. I have enjoyed your Cd "Starlight
" and had positive reactions form a few listeners who took the the trouble to call in. It also gained approval from my major jazz critic ( my son ) who is a profesional Jazz Piano player ( Jeremy Woolhouse).
I am taking a break from broadcasting for a while, but maybe one day when you are touring to Australia you will come and play at my monthly Surrey Music Cafe ...   www.surreymusic.com

What is your name? Colin Cowley
How did you locate our site? Michael Fonfara gave me the url when I saw him at Hugh's Room with Danny Brooks. 
Your comments and / or questions: I've been a fan of Michael's for a dozen or so years now, beginning with a gig where I hired Chuck Jackson & the All Stars to play at Toronto Humber Yacht Club. It's easy to tell Michael is an accomplished player but I had no idea how much depth his resume had until I checked out this site.

What is your name? Brian Turner from Inuvik, NWT
How did you locate our site? I found your site while listening to Blue Icewater radio. (an incredible blues station)
Your comments and / or questions: Your site looks great for collecting good blues/jazz. Keep on doin!

What is your name? David Cross
How did you locate our site? My good friend and awesome bassist, Jack Tasse told me about you.
Your comments and / or questions: Hi, I also posted an ad in your wanted section. Looking for gigs as a  guitarist (see ad for details). This is a great site, guys! really like it.  There is a lot of content, and if you cant find good live music in Toronto on this site, then there is something wrong. :-) The newsletter is a great idea as well.

What is your name? Dan Embleton, South Shelds, England. 
How did you locate our site? A serendipitous event really, just opened up "Pirate Radio" and fell down the stairs and here I am.
Your comments and / or questions: It's a pleasant surprise to find a sanctury from all that modern inane garbage they call music.

What is your name? Hersh Levy 
Your comments and / or questions: My name is Hersh Levy from Oakville, Ontario.  I am a photographer and took pictures of Larisa Renee during the Oakville Jazz Festival. She gave me her e-mail address as well as the web site.  It would be nice to hear more music and good songs from your site. Please keep me posted.

What is your name? Bryan Anthony (Jinju Music Productions, Plantagenet, Ontario) [email protected]
How did you locate our site? Through Maplepost Listing
Your comments and / or questions: What would you have to say in regards to much of the music being made and played (on the radio and such) today? What should the rest of us do, who don't quite agree with music that is based on nothing more than beats, and promotes either violence or sex, or a combination of both, and has nothing uplifting to offer listeners? Should a musician compromise a particular vision of his or her own just to "make it" in a profession that often shuns real creativity while rewarding those who, as put by one significant A&R Professional in the industry,  "churn out nothing more than crap that we keep buying on a week to week basis"? What would you say to those who want to get back to the basiscs of good songwriting but may find themselves a bit discouraged when faced with the fact that it would appear that the industry would indeed prefer to reward and promote crap whileshunning and  ignoring whatever good might come out of those doing what they do in the spirit of real creativity? Would you, or would you not, agree that, perhaps, it might be time for a real musical revolution that would unleash a musical virus upon the world that will, in turn, get us all to come to our senses and realize the fact that, maybe, we are going a bit too far in regards to that which we might refer to as "progress", and may end up suffering consequences as a result, as if wee are not suffering enough as it is? 

What is your name? "Doc" from Kenora
Your comments and / or questions: Signing the Guestbook for Donnie, Chuck and the "guys" (from Downchild).  Hey guy's, it's "Doc" from Kenora (I bookmarked the Site years ago :)  Going to your show in Thunder Bay ... Been a fan for more than 30 years ... We ripen with age.

What is your name? 
Missy Wagner Music Industry Arts/Office Administration Graduate
London, ON, Canada
How did you locate our site? through a friend's link
Your comments and / or questions: Hi, my name is Missy and I am from London, Canada. I found the site through a friend's link over the internet and I must say I love your site. You provide lots of useful information. I also run a website called Unchained Metal serving London & area metal bands. If anyone has some time to check it out I would appreciate it. http://www.metalprovider.com/unchained

What is your name?   Mike Goeman
Your comments and / or questions: It's me Mike from Brantford ontario you guys are great with this site. I hope that the ad I put in helps my future endevours. i'm a drummer and have been trying to make it big for years. Theres a lot of other drummers doing the same but I'm going to keep trying because it's in my heart. If any body can help me out to make it great this new music is great I'm glad it came out. Anyhow hopefully this drummer out of Brantford will make it big some day thanks to Iridescent Music. Love all you drummers out there too [email protected] If theres something another drummer out there would like to get together and teach me great I'd love to learn or if I can help a band or a drummer I will. Thanks, Mike

What is your name?   Paul Craig
Your comments and / or questions: Very cool, I will send this link to may daughter

What is your name?   Buzz Thompson
Your comments and / or questions: Thank you for putting the  "Checkmates" story together.. Some time between 63 & 65 I saw Jon & Lee & the Checkmates  in Peterborough, @ the Lion's Center & it changed my life.  I think they did "Please Please ect."  I think, that's when I discovered, James Brown.  After doing that all the English stuff sounded like bubblegumpussycuteboycrap.  When I first started playing music in 62 & 63 accept for Lonnie Mac you tried to copy the Hawks or you played surfin music. Well, for years & years I tried to play "soul music " or"  R&B"., because I had also been influenced by George Olliver, Mandala ect. The funny thing about my story is that I ended up playing guitar for Ronnie Hawkins  around 1990, when I was 40 years old. & have been the only (Brent Baily comes close) Hawk to play 14 years & only miss one gig. I am aimost as old as Ronnie was, when I met him. He had a hard time believeing that but it's true.. 

PS  When I first saw the Checkmates, I guess they were sweating & it was going in they're eyes but I thought they were crying so I guess I like the "Commitments" when they were watching James Brown on TV. Anyway, Thanks for spreading the word  I'll try & do my part.  I have 2 CD's .. One is mostly cover tunes & the other is all originals, I'll try & get them to you.

Buzzzzz Thompson

What is your name?   Dave Watkins from British Columbia
How did you locate our site?   Jimmy Bowskill's web page has Iridescent's link, which I clicked on--I was searching out his CD "Old Soul" to buy.
Your comments and / or questions: I am only now, after 61 years, getting around to jazz and the blues and find I enjoy it, a lot.  I wish you every success with what you are doing. 

What is your name?   Joanne Casson, from Manchester, U.K
How did you locate our site?   I found this on the internet whilst trawling for other Cassons.
Your comments and / or questions: I was intrigued as you have the same name as my cousin, uncle and grandfather (a pattern emerges eh?) and wanted to see what it was about, as no-one in my family can play a paper and comb never mind a proper instrument.  On that note, I will endeavour to have a listen to some of the bands noted (my husband who is not a Casson-poor boy) will be interested as he likes RnB (not the crap which purports to be today, but the old stuff with lots of sleazy guitars and a drum beat to die for)  Good Luck with the rest of your career!

What is your name?   Jane Muyres
How did you locate our site?   You sent it to me - thanks!
Your comments and / or questions:   I'm just an avid fan of the blues.  I am a regular at the Liquid Lounge in Brantford on Saturday afternoons.  Mike Fitzpatrick on drums, Dennis on bass and Larry Goodhand on lead guitar always have a different special guest musician each week.  This makes for a wonderful time each week for me - one I rarely miss. 

What is your name? David Jobling
Your comments and / or questions: Starlight featuring Pat Carey's Jazz Navigators is a musical must for jazz loving souls. A great album with vibrant and deeply emotive music geared towards lifting your spirits and making you feel part of a loved universe.  Rare as it is, this is one of those albums that generate more and more good vibe each time one listens to it. Keep up the great work and all the very best luck in the future.

David Jobling
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

What is your name? Lynn Wells
Your comments and / or questions: Hi, Iridescent Music - I'm Lynn Wells, presenter of a program 'Focus on Jazz' on West Gippsland Community Radio 3BBR-FM. I'm listening to Pat Carey's 'Starlight' while I write this, and enjoying it very much. That's how I found the contact. I will certainly be playing tracks from this CD on the show - it should put listeners in a romantic mood. I hope they take advantage of it!

What is your name?   Mardy Lucier-Porte 
How did you locate our site?   Vito Rezza 
Your comments and / or questions:   Mike Siracusa, had been conducting some jazz work shops a few years back at "Rumble Fish Rehearsal Studios" in Mississauga, Canada 1995/96. I attended a few work shops thanks greatly to my former drummer Mr. Nick Chiarore of "Raindance". I participated and learned some extraordinary, memorable, harmonic guitar technics and unbelievably, wild odd time signatures through Mr. Siracusa. However, I do credit Nick for introducing me to different signatures to write and compose songs in prior to that in 1994. However, Mike was psycho, psycho odd time mad. I loved it and I took it very seriously through the pure love of music, laughter and fun. The sessions were very well conducted in the manner of, leave your ego at the door, lets get "red faced" embarrassed like an over ripen tomato" and make lots of mistakes. Then, when you have accomplished that. You can literally walk away at the end of the night and think to yourself. Man, was that ever a "GREAT" learning experience. I still have to write in the least, one song out of every 5 or 6 that are in an odd time signature. Thank-you greatly for allowing me the opportunity Mr. Siracusa.

Sincerely A Colleague.
Mardy Lucier-Porte. 


What is your name?   Anthony Del Maestro 
How did you locate our site?   Directed to site by partner/owner. 
Your comments and / or questions:   I like the background color. Not only is it attractive and pleasing aesthetically, it also is easy on the eyes. The layout is simple and easy to follow, and access. I like the mission statement. But, and there's always a but, I know and I'm sorry...but, I feel that in your explanation of "Iridescence" you could have focused less on describing who you are not and speak more of the "gems" as those who you represent. All in all, I'm impressed by the site. I feel it's inviting and there's a sense of honourability in the company. Not something that is easy to find in the music business. Good Luck. 

What is your name?   Rich Porter 
How did you locate our site?   Pat Carey, Gene Hardy, Kevin Carly 
Your comments and / or questions:   good sounds, great artists,great representation!!!

What is your name?   Terry Bloodknock 
How did you locate our site?   Searching for the new 
Your comments and / or questions:  I really like all you good people who are involved at Iridescent you are doing a great job. We all wish you well in your new venture. 

What is your name?   Larry Lowe 
How did you locate our site?   You Found Us... 
Your comments and / or questions:   {{CYBRO RADIO STATION}} Hello from Cybro Radio... 
You have a beautiful site. We are an Internet Radio Station Broadcasting Blues, Jazz, Country and Gospel music from the United States and we Love Broadcasting your music. Listen 24/7 with Larry Lowe (your host) 
LIVE BROADCAST: Sunday 8:00am